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Think Your Black Pods Is Safe? 7 METHODS FOR YOU TO Lose It Today

We?ll be honest here, we've no idea how people experience Air Pods. Half individuals we talk to like them, half don?t. They look cool but are often lost. They?re nearly a perfect solution to the missing headphone jack, but people hate that the headphone jack is fully gone. Honestly, we?re sort of done trying. Instead, we?ll say, black Air Pods are cool and folks should think about buying them. They?re a departure from the typical Apple white, but so can be almost all of the iPhones we see, so it makes sense that accompanying accessories would be available in other colors. Apple didn?t appear to think this was a priority and BlackPods filled the marketplace space. By way of a proprietary coating system, BlackPods takes your Air Pods and turns them into something The Rolling Stones will b...

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