The Power of an Advanced Phone

With its cutting-edge technology, the new Mi 11 Lite gives you the best mobile phone experience with outstanding value for money. Beautifully slim in design, the lightweight device is perfect for everyday use, letting you keep pace with the Joneses wherever you go. The impeccable engineering and superb material choices have created a phone that’s not only beautiful but beyond compare.

Step up to the impressive speed and accuracy of the new Android device and you’ll appreciate the accuracy of Mi 11 Lite’s Phase Transition sensor. This unique feature will allow you to make split-second decisions on actions based on the detected position of one of the five mi 11 lite sensitive sensors located on the phone. Use it to identify unwanted calls or prevent accidental wake-ups by enabling Hibernics when you’re sleeping. And with the new Android operating system 4.2, you’ll enjoy more functionality with the multi-frame image stabilization and superior image quality of the 5MP front-facing camera. With a clearer picture even in bright sunlight, the mi 11 lite is certain to bring your waking hours to a halt with its gorgeous, high-definition camera and powerful, yet efficient, Phase Transition sensor.

Beyond the innovative performance of the phone, the amazing battery life of the mi ensures that you never have to worry about being stranded in a deserted land. Long-lasting entertainment and connectivity – what more could you ask for? The long-anticipated, high-quality software of the Android OS and the dependable connection of the internet service provider have put an end to your worries about connectivity and the like. You can now continue to watch your ffavoritevideos, enjoying social networking sites, messaging friends and playing games while your phone charges its battery. You’ll also get to listen to music or take advantage of the multi-frame mode for better picture quality, and enjoy music downloads and Internet games at the same time.

One of the most sought after features of all android phones till date is the facial recognition facility. However, the latest version of this facility is the mi 11 lite. With an accuracy of 97.5 percent, you can rest assured that no amateur can fool you in a photo contest. With an updated database, the feature is enabled by detecting you real face, so you won’t feel like you’re just looking through the lens of a camera. It’s just as if you’re really in front of a professional shutter.

One of the best features of the latest version of the smartphone is the built-in, high-end Android Auto. With the help of the built-in, 30-megapixel camera of the device, taking stunningly good pictures and videos with your handset is quite easy. You can easily snap photos of your family, pets, your friends, or your scenery; and then you can share them via text message, email, MMS and social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. The ample screen of the Mi 11 lite also enables the mode of squeezing for the purpose of taking a better picture.

Apart from that, the Mi 11 lite offers you a high-end, multimedia-rich sound system. The stereo speakers of the handset are also capable of rendering clear and crisp music; hence, you can always enjoy your long drives on your rides. The noise cancellation technology helps you enjoy your music without being distracted by irritating external sounds. For those who want to watch their favorite movies, the handset has got a built-in movie player, which supports different formats like SD, mini SD and High definition (HD). It is powered by the advanced data core smartphone processor.