What are the top five places providing public restrooms?

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Top five public convenience available in Thailand


          The stomachache might occur anywhere and at any moment. Some people consider it an emergency situation. However, many foreign visitors are unaware of the location that provides public convenience. The following are the top five places in Thailand where you may use public convenience when you bellyache:

1.      Gas station

          It is one of Thailand’s rest stops, with several facilities such as coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and others. It is one location where people may arrive to fill their gas tanks. Furthermore, there are public conveniences that are free to use, including male, female, and handicapped accessible restrooms. It is very convenient because every gas station in Thailand has public convenience sanitary facilities.

2.      BTS & MRT Station

          It is a type of public transportation that gives public convenience to customers who have stomach aches while traveling. Many MRT or BTS stations offer restrooms, however many people, both Thai and foreigners, are unaware of their existence. Bangwa, Talad Phu, Wongwian Yai BTS station, and others are examples. Or take the MRT to Rama9, Sukhumvit, Kamphaeng Phet, and other stations. However, you must notify the staff on the BTS or MRT that you wish to use the public convenience.

3.      Convenience store

          If you are on the outside and you feel like you are suffering from a stomach ache, you can go to the convenience store closest to you and use the restroom. You have the right to use freedom without informing other people. It is one of the locations I strongly recommend since it is very clean because cleaning staff is frequently there to clean the restroom.

4.      Temple

          It is the travel locations in Thailand tha provide the public convenience to the visitor. However, if your location does not have the gas station, public transportation station, or convenience store but you feel a stomach ache, the temple is one of the alternatives to you which assists to relieve the symptoms. Since every temple has the public convenience available although it may be quite unclean.

5.      Store

           You can use the public restrooms at the store such as restaurants, cafes, fast food stores, and others. Since it is the public location that provides the restroom to clients. However, sometimes you can go to use the restroom without purchasing any product from the store.

These are the five public places which provide the public restrooms that you can use if you feel stomach aches when you are outside your accommodations. However, if you are entering Thailand to travel, please don’t hesitate to purchase car insurance in Thailand, particularly from Rabbit Care insurance broker, since it is extremely beneficial to you. When you are faced with any road accidents, you can contact the surveyor to receive the roadside assistance services for 24 hours and any repair cost will be paid by the insurer. Interestingly, there are various insurance companies which are the partners of Rabbit Care, allowing you to compare the premium rate, coverage, and others to choose the most suitable.