What should you do when disputant threatens you while driving a car in Thailan

It is often when an accident happens and causes people to be grumpy and unhappy. This kind of incident can happen anytime and we are better prepared for it. In this article we will focus on what we should do if our disputant is furious after a car accident happens even if it is just a small accident. How we can deal with it or avoid it to not make a mountain out of a molehill.

Be conscious

First thing you should do is be conscious as if you are furious, you can do anything without thinking. So, count one to ten and make yourself calm down at first.

Say sorry first

Say sorry first. It is an easiest word you can say especially     when you are wrong as there is nothing to lose. Even Though you are not wrong, you can still say that to show that you are sincere and sorry for what happened and can make the situation get better when both parties do that.

Avoiding arguments

The best way is to try to not have arguments. If it already happens, you better come out and be conscious. Then, try to talk with reasons more than using emotion. Take a deep breath to get as much as oxygen and feel more relieved. One more thing that you should do when your disputant is furious is to try not to respond and be calm as much as you can to avoid a big fight.

Thinking about who you love

Think about who you love, who is looking at you from the car or those who are still waiting for you to come home. This way you can calm yourself and can try to avoid any big fight as much as you can.

Call emergency number

If you get in an accident and someone is injured, you should call 1669 or 1554 Vajira Hospital to ask the National Institute of Emergency Medicine for help. If the situation turns bad and you get injured by attacking, you should call 191 to get help from the police.

Call insurance to ask for help and support

Call your insurance company to consult and get support. If you have a car insurance in Thailand, you can call to get car replacement service, claim service, send driver home service, roadside assistance and nationwide garage as well. All of this, you can get if you buy car insurance in Thailand with Rabbit Care.

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